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Patterns in Evolution

by Psycho Abstract

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RELEASE DATE: 2014-02-21
LABEL: Ovnimoon Records

It is with great pleasure and pride that Ovnimoon Records has this opportunity to present an incredible album from Spanish psytrance prodigy Psycho Abstract with his 3rd full-length album "Patterns in Evolution", his best and most moving work to date! Bringing four great friends along on his interdimensional adventure, Liquid Sound, The Psylovers, Vocal Designer & Psiloflip each contribute their unique perspectives to this emotional and transformational musical masterpiece. Combing elements of progressive, psy, trance & Goa we are treated to a full flavored sensational sonic sojourn! Raul Jordan is the producer behind the Psycho Abstract project. Born in 1978 in Valencia Spain, Raul began releasing psychedelic trance music in 2001 after sending his first demo to the prestigious German label, Novatekk / Global Trance Network, who was able to publish his debut album. Since then some singles and albums appears in well-known international labels as Ovnimoon Rec, Flying Spores, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Psylove Records, Maharetta Rec, Novatekk, Neuronal Rec, USTA Rec. Apart of this, Raul works as R+D engineer (Since 2001), developing professional audio processors (EQ, limiters, crossover...) for VMB Espanola. With his experience as sound engineer, he tries to innovate and apply the highest quality in each new production and is offering his mastering services in Abstract Studios. The style of Psycho Abstract in depth goes from energetic Psy Trance to Progressive, deep lines of synthesizer, acid sounds and a lot of groove. Making authentic live sets, Raul has obtained a respect within the psychedelic scene, playing with a long list of international artists. His first contact with the electronic music was through pirate radio stations, at 9 years old. These stations were managed by the DJs of the main Valencian clubs and you could hear the most exciting electronic music like Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, Signal Aout 42, Kraftwerk, Koncept. only to mention a few. It was possible to listen to styles like EBM, Acid, New beat, Electro, at that time (1987-1991) the closest to Psychedelic Trance and after their evolution gave form to the latter. At approximately 10 years he began to buy those vinyls that arrived at the music stores in the city. In 1990 he made a program on radio Klara, calling it "Acid Combustion" and based on the previous mentioned styles. In 1995 he listened to Psychedelic Goa Trance and it got him hooked completely, because it had the best things of those styles. In 1996 he bought a computer and it is here when his period as a musician begins, initially experimenting with many styles and then developing as well as producing. In 2001 he sends his first DEMO with 8 tracks of Psy Trance to the prestigious German label, Novatekk / Global Trance Network, and they propose to him to publish an album. Since then some singles appears in well-known international compilations like GOA Head vol 15 (Leguan - Germany), Chakra Violet (Cameleon. Germany), Unlogic Psy Collection (Unlogic Records - Spain), ZOOB Mix (USTA records - Israel), Goa Girl (Yellow Sunshine Explosion - UK). During 2003 and along with David Camara he manages the Radio program "Neuronal Connection" in the Megaradio Station for the Valencia community. In this year, his new project called "Lab's Cloud" is born and this is focused on the smooth and floating sounds of chillout. In 2004 he creates a record label along with Sergio Garate calling it Neuronal Records. In 2005 he releases his second album "Living in a Continuous Dejavu" under his label, Neuronal Rec, with very good reviews from the main international magazines. During this year he releases his firsts singles as Lab's Cloud under the well-known label Agitato Rec (Israel) and signs another track with 3DVision (France), creating great sense of expectancy in many chillout labels.


released February 21, 2014

Written / Produced by: Raul Jordan.



all rights reserved


Ovnimoon Records San Francisco, California

Ovnimoon Records is a label founded in 2010 based in Chile by Ovnimoon it is an independent sub-label of Goa Records from California/USA. Ovnimoon is the visionary producer whose name sake the label was based upon. All the music released with this imprint has passed his approval as true high quality gems of psychedelic goa trance. ... more

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